Generations of Hands-on Work

At Verawood, we have worked in cabinetry and construction for generations. We are confident in our ability to handle any cabinet or custom job. Why? Because of our history.

With over 15 years of cabinet manufacturing, design and customer service experience, Dennis Klassen is the owner and operator of Verawood. Dennis is an independent designer and distributor of cabinets and counters. He co-ordinates and carries out Verawood’s design, sales, manufacturing and installation.

“Working in cabinetry is the only thing I know, ” says Dennis, “and I love what I do. I grew up around cabinetry. On summer breaks during my school years, I worked for my dad in the factory at Montalco and started full-time in 1995. It’s a privilege to have Montalco as my main supplier. I feel good knowing we provide a reliable product, at an excellent price. It’s also motivating to keep earning our reputation for going the extra mile, through our commitment to service. ”

Verawood associates with a number of companies that share our values and philosophies in business. As mentioned, we have a long-standing relationship with Montalco, which has been around since 1964.

Since we are a more personal business, you may ask: Can you handle my job? Our track record speaks for itself. We have a variety of different-sized projects in our portfolio, such as The Residences by Westchester Development Group and 29-unit Beacon Hill by Union Square.